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Black with Nickel 45acp Casings Bullet Bracelet with a Springfield XD

Sig Sauer 1911 and Two Black BearArms Bullet Bracelets in Nickel and Brass .45

Lovely Sig Sauer 1911 and a pair of BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelets. Unique Bullet casing jewelry.

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sig sauer 1911 and a pair of black brass and nickel bullet casing bracelets

Proud UK Customer with a Black BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Nickel .45 Casings

Proud UK Customer showing off his Springfield Armory XD and his Black Nickel .45ACP BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet. The best bullet jewelry out.

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Customer Photo Submission 1

Photo Courtesy of @Spencer_Rich10

A .45 Black BearArms Bracelet alongside a Black 1911!

Black BearArms Bracelets and a black 1911