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Backstory of BearArms Bracelets

It all started from my single one bedroom apartment in Louisville, Kentucky back in February 2014 when I was working as a Corrections Officer with the Louisville Metro Government. I seen a lot of the guys their wearing walking around wearing the very popular Paracord Braided bracelets everyone is making now. I thought to myself that I wanted to do something different. I have a lot of friends that are form supporters and believers in our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear firearms. That coupled with the buddies I have in the Military and Law Enforcement Communities, I decided to make my own product that would be unique and eye catching but also had a powerful meaning behind it as well that we all could stand behind. I found some cord I liked, got the idea to pair it would recycled, polished bullet shell casings and the bracelets were born. I talked with a good friend of mine and we toss around a few names for the bracelets. I was set on Bang Bang Bracelets to play on the bullet casings. It was my good friend who told me to scratch that and just dub them BearArms. A term used for the 2nd Amendment and also in the Armed Forces and LEO communities. I was sold and that is basically how BearArms Bracelets started. From that point on, and still to this day I make them one at a time out of my apartment and ship them to happy customers and supporters ALL OVER THE WORLD. I hope to take it further and eventually get my bracelets in Care Packages to our Troops and their families. A portion of the proceeds also get donated to different Military and Law Enforcement Charities!