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Black with Nickel 45acp Casings Bullet Bracelet with a Springfield XD

Dark Blue - Purple and Crimson BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelets

A few Original BearArms Bullet Casings Bracelets before being shipped to their owners!  Brass .45ACP Purple and Dark Blue alongside a Brass 9mm Crimson. Get yours today at ( dont forget to like and share please and thank you! )

brass .45 purple dark blue and a brass 9mm crimson red beararms bullet casings bracelets

Black BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet is a New Piece of Bullet Jewelry

Get a load of this black BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet this customer has with Nickel .45ACP Shell Casings attached. These 2nd Amendment and Military Support Bracelets are a great piece of bullet jewelry that hasn't been seen before.

Get your Black BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet from the Link Below.


black beararms bullet jewelry with nickel 45 shell casings

Springfield XD 45 with some Great Pro 2nd Amendment Jewelry with BearArms Bullet Bracelets

With a Springfield Armory XD 45 in hand, why not wear some Second Amendment jewelry with a black beararms bracelets paired with nickel .45 bullet casings

Get your Black BearArms Bracelet at the link below.


Black with Nickel .45ACP Casing BearArms Bullet Bracelet and a Chocolate 1911

How about a Chocolate Weapon Full Sized 1911 with a Black BearArms Bullet Bracelet paired with Nickel .45ACP Casings

Chocolate full sized 1911 and a Black BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Nickel .45ACP Casings