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Pocket Dump with a 9mm Steel Casing Black BearArms Bullet Bracelet

This proud customer is wearing a black beararms bullet casing bracelet with steel 9mm bullet shells. Along with his second amendment jewelry, we have a Glock 19 and a Kershaw blade.

Get your Steel 9mm Black BearArms Bracelet at the link below


steel 9mm beararms shell casing bracelet witha glock 19

Typhoon with Brass 9mm Casings BearArms Bullet Bracelet

I thought I would pull out the very popular Typhoon BearArms Bullet Bracelet for today! Support your Military Armed Forces and Empower the Second Amendment

typhoon bullet bracelet apart of the original bullet jewelry beararms bracelets

Black Mini BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Brass 22 Long Rifle Magnetized Casings

Great Everyday Carry lineup and this customer has a included a Black Mini BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Magnetized Brass .22 long rifle casings

black beararms magnetized mini with brass 22 long rifle casings

Black BearArms Bracelet with 9mm Casings

Customer Proudly wearing her battle-tested and battle-worn Black BearArms Bullet Bracelet with 9mm Casings

black beararms bullet bracelet with 9mm casings

Jungle Camo BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Brass .45ACP Casings

Proud Customer Rocking a Jungle Camo BearArms Bullet Bracelet with Brass .45 Casings. Supporting his Military and Supporting his 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms!

jungle camo beararms bullet bracelet military support bracelet 2nd amendment bracelet