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Magnetized Bear Arms Bracelets

Introducing the all new .22lr Magnetized BearArms Bracelets. Completely interchangeable for mix and matching. Attach two to form a bracelet and connect more for necklaces and the like. The magnetized .22lr casings work on a 2lbs pull force so they will not come off without you wanting them to. Perform all kinds of activities and know that your bracelet will stay safely secured to your wrist. check them out, huge array of colors now and much much more coming in the future!   -Sean

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New Checkout System

Today I stopped being lazy and made it more easy for customers to tell me exactly how they want there bracelets made. Now I have implemented a drop down box for Size, Casings and Caliber. Just use those and submit your order and its done! Once again I like to thank everyone for there support with my BearArms Bracelets... It Really means alot!!! -Sean

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