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Bracelets for men and women. I like to make things that each gender and wear and appreciate. Each and everyday I am overwhelmed with how others are enjoying my BearArms Bracelets. I continue to see orders rise and my product get out to the masses. I want to again thank each and everyone of you guys who liked, shared, showcased, purchased and or just took common interest in my bracelets. I see great things in the future of this product and I know with you guys help and support, it'll happen. Thanks for the love!  

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BearArms Bracelets are about giving back to the men and women who risk everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms and rights we have. That is why at the end of every month I make it my mission to donate whatever I can from that month of sold bracelets to different Military and Law Enforcement Charities. In the coming stages there will be a page dedicated to that with pictures and the like. But I cannot do this without you guys help. Share BearArms around on your social media and write blog post about them and the site. Do...

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