Perfect Holiday Gift for Gun Lover in Your Family!

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3 More #Paracord BearArms Bullet Bracelet Colors being added soon! | Starry Night [ All Black with White Spots ] Cloud 9 [ Sky Blue with Gold Lines ] Old Glory [ Red, White an Blue Variation ] | #HowDoYouBearArms - A photo posted by Sean Ramsey (@beararmsbracelets) on Aug 17, 2015 at 2:35pm PDT

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Happy customer with his Brass 9mm BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet get your liberty beararms bullet bracelet at the link below AMERICAN FLAG BULLET BRACELET  

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40s&w, brass, liberty -

Proud customer wearing some new Bullet Jewelry in the form of a American Flag BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelet. Also showcasing his FNH FNX-40 Pistol. Get your Liberty BearArms Bracelet from the Link Below. LIBERTY BEARARMS BULLET BRACELET

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