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3 More #Paracord BearArms Bullet Bracelet Colors being added soon! | Starry Night [ All Black with White Spots ] Cloud 9 [ Sky Blue with Gold Lines ] Old Glory [ Red, White an Blue Variation ] | #HowDoYouBearArms - www.BearArmsBracelets.com A photo posted by Sean Ramsey (@beararmsbracelets) on Aug 17, 2015 at 2:35pm PDT

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A look at a few brass .40cal Paracord BearArms Bullet Casing Bracelets. OD Green on top, Snow Camo in the middle and Neon Green on the bottom. Dont forget to get one for yourself at BearArmsBracelets.com/collections/paracord

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A few more Paracord BearArms Bullet Casings Bracelets order going out to their new owners. Dont forget to get yours at www.BearArmsBracelets.com/collections/paracord

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