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ask and you shall receive right? I am very happy to announce that I now have in brass and nickel shell casings for you guys to choose from. Available for all the colorways on the site. Just let me know you want .40 cal in the size and casings box at the order screen. I do the best I can to give you guys what you ask for, thats what i stride and pride myself to do. Hope you guys enjoy and as always " you have the right to BearArms! "   -Sean

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Today I reached 1000 followers on Instagram. I have never been so happy to launch the app and see 1005 followers. I am so thankful to my faithful firearms followers! You guys make BearArms what it is. All my gun lovers, owners, enthusiast, shooters, hunters, military, law enforcement, private sector made this possible. Please stay tuned for more I have alot of great things coming down the pipe exclusively for you guys! We can only grow from this point! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEARARMS -Sean

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I just want to take the time to give a special thank you to everyone who recently purchase a BearArms Bracelet! It means alot that you all share the same passion I do when it comes our rights and making a difference. I know the future will be great, and we have a bright future ahead of us all! Once again thank you and a Special x1000 to @gunsdaily1 on Instagram for help spread the word and reach alot of you guys! go follow him and your sure to be entertained!   -Sean

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BearArms Bracelets are about giving back to the men and women who risk everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms and rights we have. That is why at the end of every month I make it my mission to donate whatever I can from that month of sold bracelets to different Military and Law Enforcement Charities. In the coming stages there will be a page dedicated to that with pictures and the like. But I cannot do this without you guys help. Share BearArms around on your social media and write blog post about them and the site. Do...

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I just want to personally thank each and every person that rode with me through my kickstarter campaign. Unfortunely it did not get funded but that will not stop this train from continuing on! The site is live and the orders are ready to be processed. Show your support for your 2nd Amendment right and The Men and Women that protect us each and everyday without a second thought! BearArms Bracelets are here for you! Military, Law Enforcement, Armed Civilian, Private Security, Corrections, Gun Enthusiast, Hunters and everyone else that enjoys All things firearm! Once again THANK YOU for beliving...

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