Colored Casings Coming Soon!

First and foremost like every other time. I would love to say Thank You again for all the love, help and support i am getting with my BearArms Bracelets. I see that unisex bracelets for men and women are always going to be a hot commodity and I want to bring all my past and future customers the best I have to offer.

Which leads me to my next thing. I am currently in the process of bring you guys Colored Shell casings. If you havent already seen them on my Instagram @dramsey13 . Im trying to perfect the formula so they will be sturdy and the color will hold up for the duration of the bracelets life without chipping, peeling or tearing off. I believe I am very close and soon as that is complete I cant wait to showcase it to you guys more and give you the option of sporting one or seven yourselves!

Thanks again for everything and stay tuned to BearArms Bracelets for Men and Women



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