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Thin Blue Line Paracord Bullet Casing Bracelet in Support of Law Enforcement

Thank You LA Splash Magazines

Want to give a shoutout to LA Splash Magazine for extending their hand out and helping BearArms Bracelets get out there and create more brand awareness. We appreciate any and all help!

check them out when you can!

Colored Casings Coming Soon!

First and foremost like every other time. I would love to say Thank You again for all the love, help and support i am getting with my BearArms Bracelets. I see that unisex bracelets for men and women are always going to be a hot commodity and I want to bring all my past and future customers the best I have to offer.

Which leads me to my next thing. I am currently in the process of bring you guys Colored Shell casings. If you havent already seen them on my Instagram @dramsey13 . Im trying to perfect the formula...

Unisex Bracelets

Bracelets for men and women. I like to make things that each gender and wear and appreciate. Each and everyday I am overwhelmed with how others are enjoying my BearArms Bracelets. I continue to see orders rise and my product get out to the masses. I want to again thank each and everyone of you guys who liked, shared, showcased, purchased and or just took common interest in my bracelets. I see great things in the future of this product and I know with you guys help and support, it'll happen. Thanks for the love!


New Checkout System

Today I stopped being lazy and made it more easy for customers to tell me exactly how they want there bracelets made. Now I have implemented a drop down box for Size, Casings and Caliber. Just use those and submit your order and its done!
Once again I like to thank everyone for there support with my BearArms Bracelets... It Really means alot!!!