National Rifle Association Partner

As of the 6th of May 2014, BearArms Bracelets has been added as a official business partner of the NRA. This was a huge thing for me and actually caught me by surprise. I was not expecting to become a partner when I first set out and informed them of my interest in it. I checked my mailbox yesterday the 15th of May 2014 and noticed a big envelope in their from the NRA. I was ecstatic when I opened it and it was my acceptance letter and certificate! This has just motivated me even more that my BearArms Bracelets are going to be big here in due time. I just have to have patience and stay on the right track. I have to keep the Lord first and the rest will follow. Bringing awareness to the 2nd Amendment and having something you can wear daily to show others you support and empower your rights as American people, or just firearms enthusiast is big! Having something to wear at any occasion to show you support, respect and give strength to our Armed Military Forces in the form of a bracelet is outstanding to me. Military Bracelets or 2nd Amendment Support Bracelets, for men, women, and children. Both can find comfort with my BearArms Bracelets no matter your cause and I just want to Thank each and every person that has helped me along the way or growing this brand! The sky is the limit for us and we shall not stop ever!

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