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Brass 40cal Paracord Bullet Casing Bracelets supporting the 2nd Amendment

Photo Courtesy of @freytes2010 [ showing that Courage [ original ] and Black [ paracord ] both with .40S&W Casings BearArms Bullet Bracelet ] #HowDoYouBearArms - | The #kimberprocarry2 the #kimberprocarry2customshop #crimsontrace #striderknives #stridersng #northwoodsknives #brothersinarmsholsters #beararmsbracelet #nixonwatch #nixon5130 #olightm18 the #edcgame now let's see your #edc. This is what 3200.00 can buy lol #Regrann A photo posted by Sean Ramsey (@beararmsbracelets) on Aug 16, 2015 at 3:40pm PDT

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National Rifle Association Partner

As of the 6th of May 2014, BearArms Bracelets has been added as a official business partner of the NRA. This was a huge thing for me and actually caught me by surprise. I was not expecting to become a partner when I first set out and informed them of my interest in it. I checked my mailbox yesterday the 15th of May 2014 and noticed a big envelope in their from the NRA. I was ecstatic when I opened it and it was my acceptance letter and certificate! This has just motivated me even more that my BearArms Bracelets are going to be big here in due time. I just have to have patience and stay on the right...

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